Virus Removal


Virus and Malware removal

From Mac and PC, laptops and desktop computers

You might first notice that your PC, laptop or Mac is infected with a virus if you start seeing adverts or popups in your internet browser window, where you wouldn’t normally see them. You might also experience slow or sluggish performance from your machine… or perhaps nothing at all.

It’s important not to use the device for sensitive tasks (such as logging into online banking, shopping online or entering payment details), as some malicious software can even install “spoof” versions of website (such as your bank website) that looks similar, but may try to steal your information.  

​In most cases, you will be notified by your on-board anti-virus software, if you have it installed and enabled. If you don’t, or feel that your PC may have a virus, malware, adware or malicious software, give us a call to prevent further damage to your computer. We have special tools to remove, viruses, malware, adware, trojans, rootkits and more.

Computer, Laptop, Mac repairs

and support and help for iPads, tablets, phones and mobile devices

Is your computer running slowly? Having trouble upgrading to the latest operating system or dual-booting your PC? Having trouble upgrading your device, installing a certain software or connecting it to a printer or network? Not turning on? Maybe you are locked out of your account after forgetting your password?

​​We can help get you back in, speed up and de-clutter your PC, help you replace hardware and install software.





Services, upgrades and installations

Help and guidance available

Need any sort of computer help or guidance, or technical terms explained simply? Does your new computer need to be installed out the box and you’re unsure where all the cables go? Or perhaps you need your PC upgraded and refreshed and not sure where to start?

Tablets, iPads, WiFi, printers, TVs and media. Lost documents and photos, we can help recover them using special software tools, or perhaps you need help backing up or cloning a hard drive? This and more, just let us know.


Specialist applications

We can offer help for business IT services, from the set up of small network solutions, shared file space, mailboxes and email. Thinking of upgrading to Google Drive or Office 365? Advice on the spec of your next set of office PCs, corporate IT and anything else! From looping slideshow store window displays to the setting up of printing and online cloud storage. Just ask and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.

​​Just ask and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.




Fees and Charges


  • 10% Student discount on presentation of valid NUS card.
  • No call-out fee in the Bath area.
    Outside of the Bath area (seemap).
  • £35 per hour (excluding parts).
    We charge in half hour blocks.
  • £30 per hour for photo and data recovery, if we can’t recover your data or photos then we won’t charge over the first hour.
  • Credit and debit cards excepted online by PayPal.
  • If we can’t fix your problem, you don’t pay.

Set services


  • Virus and malware removal: £35
  • Password resets and unlocks: £30
    • Create password reset USB: £15
  • Computer servicing and cleanups: £65
  • Replace hard drive or parts: £35
  • 30 minute remote help session: £20
  • Storage scan and free up disk space: £25
    • Defragment hard disk drive: £20
  • Software installation or removal: £25
  • Cloning of hard disk: £35
  • Total hard disk wipe (standard grade): £20
  • Total hard disk wipe (military grade data overwrite): £30

Shop and parts

  • Kingston USB 3.0 flash drives
    • 8GB: £6
    • 16GB: £11
    • 32GB: £20
    • 64GB: £32
  • Printer cable 2m (USB A-B): £4
  • DVI cable 2m (monitor cable): £4
  • 3.5mm Audio (aux) cable: £2
  • Keyboard and mouse set: £19
  • Network 2m (Ethernet) cable: £4
  • Compressed air cleaning can: £5
  • Computer cleaning kit (air and wet/dry wipes): £9
  • Apple compatible iPhone lightning charge cable: £4



  • 4 port USB2 hub: £8
  • External CD/DVD drive: £20
  • Logitech webcam: £20
  • Audio headset (for Skype / video calls): £20
  • External Hard drive 500GB: £60
  • Internal PC Hard drive 500GB: £55
  • Internal Laptop Hard drive 500GB 2.5″: £55
  • Internal Laptop SSD (Solid State Drive) 250GB 2.5″: £125
  • DVD-R single and plastic wallet: .60p each or 4 for £2
  • 4 way power extension lead: £10
  • PC power cable (IEC “kettle lead”) 2m: £3
  • SD Card reader: £10
  • A4 Copy paper 500 sheets – 80gsm: £3.50